The fast track to ERTMS

The fast track to ERTMS


Our competencies are at the crossroad between the railway and the computer worlds. Our products are the result of a mix between these. With our libraries, ERTMSFormalSpecs, ERTMS Academy and the ERTMSCamCorder, we help our clients to be more efficient and to save time and money.

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If you have any question, please feel free to contact us! By phone: +32 2 612 41 70 Or by e-mail: Our headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium, next to the Brussels-South station. Our address: Rue de la Caserne, 45, 1000 Brussels.

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We are constantly looking for new candidates to join our team. If you are motivated and recognize yourself in the following positions, please contact us for an interview!

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ERTMSFormalSpecs – DMI Test Application – EATS Integration Status August 28, 2014

The DMI being modelled by ERTMS Solutions has received some upgrades recently in the distance to target and the indication location used for speed monitoring. The first addition is the distance to supervised target. (A target is defined by a target location and a target speed, to which the train must decelerate before reaching the […]

ErtmsFormalSpecs – DMI Test Application – EATS Integration Status July 15th, 2014

Today July 15th, 2014, the interconnection between the DMI Test Application and ERTMSFormalSpecs has reached a new step. The procedures Start Of Mission for starting the mission in Shunting mode and in Non Leading mode have been tested. Additionally, ERTMSFormalSpecs’ behavior has been tested when starting a mission in one of these modes. For this […]

Status of ERTMS Formal Specs on July 14th, 2014

The interface between EFS and the DMI has been updated to include speed and distance monitoring information. EFS will soon have implemented all of chapter 3.13 of Subset-026 (Speed and distance monitoring), and the DMI is ready to display it, which will be the case shortly. EFS and the DMI test application have been linked […]

Current status of our DMI test application integration with ERTMSFormalSpecs and EATS

Today, 27 June, 2014, the integration between the brand new ERTMS Solutions DMI test application and ERTMSFormalSpecs managed to integrate the trackside announcements. Now, it is possible to display the trackside announcements coming from ERTMSFormalSpecs on the DMI test application. Information can be provided from the DMI test application to ERTMSFormalSpecs during the procedure of […]



ERTMS Solutions is specialized in the development of innovative products compatible with the new European railway signalization norm ERTMS. The company was founded in 2008 and is located in the very heart of Europe i.e. Brussels, Belgium.

Brussels HQ

Tel: +32 2 612 41 70
Rue de la Caserne 45
1000 Brussels

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Saeyoung Technologies
3rd floor SM Bldg, 1554-15 Seocho-Dong, Seoul

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Tel:+46 8 33 17 24
Stockholmskonsulterna AB
Dalagatan 60, SE-113 24 Stockholm

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Tel:+48 794 912 483
Railventure S.C.
ul. Karola Goduli 36, 41-703 Ruda Slaska

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