The fast track to ERTMS

The fast track to ERTMS


Thales chooses ERTMSFormalSpecs

ERTMSFormalSpecs and the Industry Brussels, September 8, 2015 Thales Deutschland chooses ERTMSFormalSpecs to test breaking curves Thales Deutschland decided to use the open source tool ERTMSFormalSpecs in the context of their ERTMS Baseline 3 onboard unit development process. With ERTMSFormalSpecs, Thales Deutschland will be able to achieve a disruptive acceleration and cost cutting effect for […]

Balise Maintenance Optimization

The birth of the ‘Balise Life Check’ Eurobalises, like legacy balises, have a limited lifetime. The question is not new, and balise maintenance leaves a big question mark: when will Eurobalises have problems preventing their use? And to a further extent, when will they die? There was no answer to these questions until now. Consequently, […]

CENELEC certification : joint training by ERTMS Solutions & Certifer

There are no seats left. If you would like us to reorganize this kind of training or more generally ERTMS trainings, please send your suggestion to I need more training !   Original announcement: On October 6, 7, 8 and 9, 2015, ERTMS Solutions will host and jointly organize a Cenelec training together with Certifer […]

ERTMS Users Group (EUG) uses ERTMSFormalSpecs

Brussels, April 22, 2015 ERTMS Users Group (EUG) decided to use the open source tool ERTMSFormalSpecs in the context of their ERTMS specifications change requests. The contract signed with ERTMS Solutions, the inventor of ERTMSFormalSpecs, includes the use of a DMI and Scenario Editor license, as well as bug fixing and support to the DMI […]

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