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I am a Notified Body or an Independent Testing Provider

Fotolia_101567440_XL_notifiedbodyThe following text is the result of a study performed by ERTMS Solutions in a vast panel of their customers in March 2014. We asked our NoBo customers, prospects and partners what they identified as the major challenges in their implementation of ERTMS projects. Their answers are below. You can propose new ideas by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.

As expected, notified bodies have reported issues related to certifications. A lot of efforts are made towards a consistent, predictable and efficient certification process, independent of the identity of the applicant and of the notified body. Reaching that goal is not simple and the problems are numerous. One of them is a lack of quality in the specifications (TSIs and subsets). For example, Baseline 2 contains many inadequate specifications including contradictions and omissions. In particular, the specifications lack distribution of requirements onto trackside and onboard subsystem, and onto the different components. This is also the case for Baseline 3, although ERA, in cooperation with NB-Rail, is working on it.

Furthermore, there currently is no efficient process to handle errors and deficiencies in the specifications. The loop and the timing to handle this on the EU side was, and is, far too long. The lack of EU financing has also been reported as a big impediment for the effective work of NB-Rail.

Seen these challenges, we encourage the reader having a look at the ERTMSCamCorder presentation, as well as ERTMSFormalSpecs and ERTMS Academy.


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