testing optimization

Delivering laboratory quality on-site testing to optimize quality and efficiency costs.

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Maintenance optimization

Specifically designed instruments to enable tracks’ electromagnetic assets’ preventive maintenance.

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A cost-effective and agile solution creating alignment between business and IT needs.

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ERTMS Protocol Software

Providing all the functionality needed to develop the ERTMS protocols in your own applications.

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About us

ERTMS Solutions consistently creates innovative products that alter the railway signaling world. This is what has made us an industry leader. We not only operate as the only company of our kind to offer testing, maintenance, and software protocol services that are compatible with the European railway signalization standards ERTMS/ETCS but also, maintain the agility to tailor our products to existing national standards.

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Our clients talk about us: listen to their stories

CFL chose the BaliseLifeCheck

The BaliseLifeCheck has been be set up on Robel maintenance vehicles, in a water-proof enclosure, transferrable from one vehicle to the other and integrated with Expandium’s QATS Drive Test’s solution. The Expandium’s QATS Drive Test enables to measure the quality of the GSM-R network providing all necessary KPIs.

Eurotunnel tells us about the TrackCircuitLifeCheck

We have been working with Eurotunnel since 2015. Together, we are developing a unique tool to maintain track circuits, the TrackCircuitLifeCheck.

SNCF tells us about the BaliseLifeCheck

ERTMS Solutions has developed a tool, the BaliseLifeCheck, which automates balise maintenance. SNCF has been using this tool since 2015 for Eurobalise and KVB balise maintenance in France, watch the video to hear their success story.


Altpro signs contract for ERTMS Protocol Software and STM testing kit

Convinced by the quality of ERTMS Solutions’ products, ALTPRO  signed a new contract for the implementation and testing of a…

SaeYoung Technologies partners up with ERTMS Solutions

ERTMS Solutions is pleased to announce the signature of a brokerage agreement with SaeYoung Technologies, based in Seoul, South Korea.…

ERTMSCamCorder to be used on as an integrated onsite testing solution on the Crossrail project

Crossrail, Europe’s largest infrastructure project, is building the Elizabeth Line – a new railway in London that runs between Reading…
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