The fast track to ERTMS

The fast track to ERTMS


SNCB chose Goal Systems for their Advanced Planning System and ERTMS Solutions’ Ontologies for systems integration

Strong of its expertise in railways systems planning, the company Goal Systems, and its GoalRail solution, have been awarded this project. They partner up with ERTMS Solutions convinced by their ODASE™ semantic integration solution.

Transport for New South Wales chose ERTMSCamCorder as an integrated onsite testing solution

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW), in the context of their ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) Programme, awarded ERTMS Solutions as supplier for its integrated onsite testing solution: the ERTMSCamCorder.

ERTMS Solutions nominated for the Best Brussels Exporters Award 2017

The names of the companies nominated to the 4th edition of Brussels Best Exporters have been revealed. This nomination is a great reward for all the great projects we’ve done, and we still do, for our clients worldwide (Europe, Australia, South Korea).

MESEA acquires two BaliseLifeCheck and two TrackCircuitLifeCheck

To perform the maintenance of all the TVM TrackCircuits and Eurobalises Balises of the SEA LGV line (France), MESEA has equipped itself with a full preventive maintenance set of measurement instruments: two TrackCircuitLifeCheck and two BaliseLifeCheck. When associated, and embedded in a BROOM test train, these two labs-on-wheels are providing Mesea with a huge amount […]

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