Our LifeCheck product line includes a set of measurement instruments that facilitates efficient and effective maintenance.

They are the only onboard products in the market that ensure the quality and predictive maintenance of electromagnetic signals from balises and track circuits installed on the tracks.


Compatibility with all Eurobalises’ and legacy KER balises
Geolocalization of the balises and creation of a cartography
Detection of possible Big Metal Masses on the track
Computation of a signature on measurements
Auto-marking on all Eurobalises matching signature
Generation of a full report after each test journey
Detection of potential electronical defaults


Compatibility with all Track Circuits
Measures shunted track circuits currents |Icc|
Measures transversal impedances
Alarms for corrective maintenance
Odometry module (Wheel Sensor/Doppler Radar, GPS-IMU)
Control and data analysis (Software)

To perform the maintenance of the TrackCircuits and Eurobalises Balises of the SEA LGV line (France), MESEA has equipped itself with a full preventive maintenance set of measurement instruments: two TrackCircuitLifeCheck and two BaliseLifeCheck.

When associated, these two labs-on-wheels are providing Mesea with a huge amount of necessary inputs coming from their signaling material.

Ready for the ultimate predictive maintenance experience?