ERTMS Solutions works on the development of a BTMLifeCheck. BTMLifeCheck verifies the quality of the remote power supply emitted by the antenna interfaced with the Balise Transmission Module (BTM) on board trains.

The on-board Balise Transmission Module processes uplink signals and telegrams. It interfaces the on-board ERTMS/ETCS core and the antenna unit, which powers the wayside uplink balises by generating a magnetic field.

This field is produced in a transmission loop of the antenna unit and induces a voltage in a reception loop of the balise.

The BTMLifeCheck, a unique tool to ensure that your BTM and antenna are working correctly!

Funded by Innoviris

ERTMS TrackCircuitLifeCheck


The TrackCircuitLifeCheck is a versatile measurement instrument that facilitates track circuit maintenance and is usable on both diagnostic and commercial trains.



The ERTMSCamCorder is the essential on-site testing tool that allows full and synchronized recording.