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Discover the TestOBU.SIL0

ERTMS trackside and trainborne testing is not only useful and mandatory, but also expensive and complex.

TestOBU.Sil0 is a cost effective pre-test solution that can easily be operated and allows to run these tests in a Sil0 mode, without any risks and consequences.

ERTMS Solutions has built this lightweight implementation of an onboard ERTMS application that can be used either in a lab or onboard.

The TestOBU.SIL0 has its own DMI, compliant with the applicable ERTMS standards Baseline 3 R2. In comparison to the SIL4 EVC solution, the TestOBU.SIL0 is cost-effective and can be easily operated.

TestOBU.SIL0 includes the ERTMSFormalSpecs, a software tool, specifically designed by ERTMS Solutions to formally model ERTMS requirements, both for train-borne and trackside systems.