Failures are usually difficult to detect and predict due to the lack of active monitoring of the ETCS Level 1 track-side subsystem. Failures of the LEUs (Lineside Electronic Units) or their interconnexion cables with the Balises are often detected too late, in most instances they are detected by a passing train, when an Emergency Brake is triggered by the faulty condition when detected by the onboard vital computer (EVC).  

The LEULifeCheck system guarantees real-time faulty conditions detection! 

It not only monitors the LEU 8kHz carrier (C6 interface), LEU C Link Quality and the LEU Telegram (C1 interface), but also decodes the telegram. The latter helps our customers to diagnose issues with the lineside signal sequence for one signal and also for a sequence of signals. 

The objective of the LLC is to detect degradation in the above-mentioned elements in order to perform preventive maintenance to bring the continuous supervision of train movement back to a known acceptable state. 


Funded by Innoviris

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The ERTMSCamCorder is the essential on-site testing tool that allows full and synchronized recording.

ERTMS TrackCircuitLifeCheck


The TrackCircuitLifeCheck is a versatile measurement instrument that facilitates track circuit maintenance and is usable on both diagnostic and commercial trains.