The fast track to ERTMS

The fast track to ERTMS

Our team

Our team

Stanislas Pinte

Stanislas PINTE is the founder, CEO and Sales Director of ERTMS Solutions. He decided to create ERTMS Solutions when he identified a need for products that enable the optimization of maintenance, test and commissioning, and IT railway integration. Since the creation, he took part in the development of several products related to the communication between the different onboard devices, as well as between the train and the trackside.

Juan Diez perez

After many missions as a consultant in various industry sectors, Juan founded ERTMS Solutions with Stanislas Pinte in 2003. His role is to supervise the R&D department as well as the production department. Juan uses past experience as a software consultant at Alstom, Bombardier and Infrabel and decades of experience as software engineer to provide our team a deep knowledge in ERTMS.

Frédéric Du Jardin

Frédéric joined the company in September 2013. Ex Attorney, Sales, and HR Manager, he evolved in several technical environments which enable him to be Chief Operations Officer at ERTMS Solutions. Process improvement, (pre-)sales and strategy are other of his activities within ERTMS Solutions. Next to this function, he is responsible for HR and legal affairs within ERTMS Solutions and the Phidani/Raincode Group.

Maurizio Palumbo

Graduated in 2010 in Computer Engineering at the university « Federico II » of Naples, Maurizio has a solid international experience mainly related to the railway signalling field, grant thanks to the involvement into three ERTMS schemes (Italy, Denmark and UK) and a CBTC project (London Underground, UK). He Joined ERTMS Solutions in October 2016 as business development officer.


Graduated in astrophysics from ULM-PARIS VI-New Mexico State University, Yves has spent more than 15 years in Development, IT Management and consulting before joining BNP Paribas Fortis as Head of IT Innovative Payment Department. Throughout his career, Yves has been in charge of several large transformation programs at international level and has lead international development teams and competence centers for cross-countries projects. He is in charge of the set-up and development of the ontology-centric department at ERTMS Solutions.

Caroline Ernoult

Caroline joined in March 2016 as Marketing Manager. Before joining the company, she worked 8 years in the R&D and Innovation field. Her role is to promote ERTMS Solutions products and innovation. She is responsible for content and event management. She is working in close collaboration with our clients to highlight our common projects and success stories (testimonials, articles, videos).


Software Developer since April 1994, Laurent is expert in compilation techniques and Domain Specific Languages. His professional experience ranges from the analysis and architecture of software systems, their design and development, quality control using static analysis, unit testing and integration testing. He manages the software team of ERTMS Solutions.


After getting his degree in Computer Sciences and Telecommunication at the High School ISIMS of Belgium in 2009, Sébastien started his career as a Software Developer at ERTMS Solutions in April 2010. He is involved in the large-scale project of the ERTMSCamCorder. He is also involved in the development, maintenance and support of the software. Over the years he has acquired a certain experience in integrating the ERTMSCamCorder in different trains.


After having finished his studies in Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Valladolid in 2012, Luis started his career as a Software Developer at ERTMS Solutions. He is involved in an ERTMS European project: ETCS Advanced Testing and Smart Train Positioning System (EATS).

He is also involved in the maintenance and update of the ERTMSCamCorder documentation and has contributed to the project ERTMSFormalSpecs (EFS).


James joined ERTMS Solutions as a junior developer in January 2014 after completing a Masters degree in physics at the University of Manchester. Since then, James has contributed to the modelling of Subset-026 in ERTMSFormatSpecs and has converted the project to a HTML format to make it accessible online.


Michele is graduated in Physics and Electronic Engineering at the Genova University, Italy. He has worked for more than four years as a software developer for test environment at Ansaldo STS, both for RBC and interlocking world. He worked also on a metro system simulator for headway calculations. He joined ERTMS Solutions in March 2014 as an analyst developer.


Emmanuel joined ERTMS Solutions in September 2014 strongly motivated by the challenge of bringing to the company his design hardware expertise in the field of tools for the ERTMS signaling industry. He worked for almost twelve years in the field of Signal Processing, applied design of cryptographic algorithms, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology R&D, real-time wireless self-positioning devices and system. Since 2009 he has been involved in several hardware and software projects dealing with maintenance solutions for multiple signaling systems.


Massimo completed his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering at UCL in 2015. He started his career as an Electronics Engineer by joining the hardware department at ERTMS Solutions in February 2016. He is now working on maintenance solutions for railway signaling systems.


Charles has a PhD in mathematics from the University of Namur. He started his career as software engineer if the field of numerical simulation. He joined ERTMS Solutions as an analyst developer in 2015 and is involved in the development, maintenance and support of ERTMS related tools.


Joël has completed his Master’s Degree in Informatic Engineering at UCL in 1989. He has been a system engineer during 8 years, acquiring a solid production experience. He has developed his railway knowledge by working 7 years at the Belgian Railways company. A period of 12 years as independent consultant gave him a very high level in project management. Joël is now the production manager for all the ERTMS projects by synchronizing customer and internal teams during all the product life : from the contract till the end of his life.


Hadj has a Bachelor in electronics, and he is currently following a training in Java development.
Always enthusiastic about learning new things, his hobbies include reading footing and playing chess.
Hadj will join ERTMS has a purchaser and support to the electronics team.


Graduate with a Master in Computer Science, Marco has 3 years of experiences. He used to work at the laboratory of Paris VI, through the TSAR project addressing the issue of massively multi-core architectures. In a R&D context, he also participated to the development of IPs, coprocessors design, drivers, firmware, OS. His last experience was at Thales Communication and Security as OS main developer of the new generation of airborne communication modem intended to equip the French army.


Graduated in computer science and applied mathematics from the ULB, François enjoys producing clean and efficient code on difficult projects and considers that the IT is not a goal but a tool to fulfil the customer expectations. He has 12 years’ experience as a software engineer working for clients in different industries and countries. Apart from the development (C++, Python), he was acting as a product manager in charge of presales demos, specification’s workshops, onsite implementations, user’s trainings.


After completing his Bachelor in electro-mechanic engineering, Alexis joined the hardware department at ERTMS Solutions in February 2017. He is mainly invested in the production and mechanical installation in the field.


Jan joined ERTMS Solutions as a software engineer in November 2017. He holds a master’s degree in electronics engineering and has worked for almost twelve years as an R&D engineer in the field of applied digital signal processing. Given his extensive experience in implementing prototypes for emerging technologies, he is involved in different software projects dealing multiple signaling systems.


Gautier has a PhD in mathematics from the Université Catholique de Louvain. After several years in academic research in foreign universities and an experience as quantitative analyst afterwards, he joined ERTMS Solutions in 2015. He is working in the software development team and is involved in the ERTMS specifications modelisation and validation.

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