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Stanislas Pinte

As one of the two founders of ERTMS Solutions, Stanislas Pinte, has been a key player in the company since its inception in 2003. From the beginning, he has played a vital role in product development and today Stanislas operates as the CEO of the company

Juan Diez Perez

Juan Diez Perez, the co-founder of ERTMS Solutions and current CTO, brings with him a wealth of knowledge from his background as a software engineer. He brings this experience as an asset to the company through his key role in supervising both the R&D and production departments.

Frédéric Du Jardin

With a highly varied background across law, sales and HR management, Frédéric’s multi-dimensional view of business, that has evolved through several technical environments, uniquely equips him as the Chief Operations Officer at ERTMS Solutions

Jean Merlo

On top of his commercial responsibilities, Jean used to be active as engineer, project manager and customer services manager in different industries. At ERTMS Solutions, as Sales Director, he improves our worldwide organization’s market position, achieve financial growth, define long-term organisational strategic goals and build key customer relationships.

Yves Bazin

With an extensive 15-year background in development, IT management and consulting, Yves has held key positions throughout his career. On numerous occasions, Yves has lead significant transformation programs at an international level as well as leading development teams and competence centers for transnational projects. Currently, Yves oversees the set-up and development of the ontology department

Caroline Ernoult

Upon joining the team in March of 2016 as Marketing Manager, Caroline brought with her 8 years of invaluable experience working in the R&D and innovation field. Within her role, Caroline works in close collaboration with our clients and partners as well as co-ordinating product promotion, content creation, event management and the overarching marketing and communications strategy.


Throughout his extensive career, Laurent has gathered insight into the analysis and architecture of software systems, their development, quality control through the use of static analysis, unit testing as well as integration testing. All of this has equipped him in his successful management of the software team at ERTMS Solutions, a position which he has held since 2010.


Luis has been involved in a wide range of projects during his time with the company, these include his involvement in the ERTMS European project: ETCS Advanced Testing and Smart Train Positioning System (EATS), his contributions to the maintenance and update of the ERTMSCamCorder documentation as well as to the ERTMSFormalSpecs (EFS) project.


Michele joined ERTMS Solutions after having held positions as a software developer both for RBC and interlocking world. His degree in Physics and Electronic Engineering has also assisted him in his contribution to a metro system simulator for headway calculations, making him an invaluable member of the maintenance optimization team.


As Head of Harware department, Emmanuel brings his design hardware expertise to the ERTMS signaling industry. Emmanuel gathered expertise in numerous hardware and software projects that dealt directly with maintenance solutions of various signaling systems.


With a career originating as a software engineer in the field of numerical simulation, Charles’ experience in this field, as well as his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Namur, has made him a strong addition to the team. Since joining the company as an analyst developer, Charles has worked specifically within the development, maintenance and support of ERTMS related tools.


Having completed a Master’s Degree in Informatics Engineering, Joël has also worked for 8 years as a systems engineer as well as 7 years at the Belgian Railways company. This combination has provided him with both production and industry experience. Joël is the production manager and works to synchronize the work of customer-facing teams with all internal development functions for the complete duration of all product lives


Having completed a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics, Hadj is continuing with his enthusiasm for learning by expanding his skill set through a training course in Java development. Currently, Hadj works within the ERTMS Solution team as a purchaser and a support to the electronics team


Since graduating with a Master’s in Computer Science, Marco, has rapidly gathered experience across multiple industries and projects. Across these experiences, Marco has contributed to R&D as well as the development of IPs, coprocessors design, drivers, firmware, and OS


During his 12 years of experience as a software engineer, François has enjoyed working on complex projects across a vast array of industries and countries. In addition to contributing to development (C++, Python), François has acted as a product manager in charge of sales demos, specifications workshops, onsite implementations and user’s training


Alexis joined the company in February 2017. He uses his background in Electro-Mechanic Engineering throughout his role in the hardware department, with his main focuses being in the production phase and mechanical installations in the field.


Jan brings with him a wealth of experience from his 12 years as an R&D engineer in the field of applied digital signal processing. With a Master’s degree in Electronics Engineering and his vast experience implementing prototypes for emerging technologies, Jan is a versatile asset to the team and works on various projects for multiple signaling systems.


Gautier brings a unique perspective to the team through his background in academic research across several international universities as well as his experience as a quantitative analyst. Since joining the team in 2015, he has been an integral part of the software development team and has been involved in the ERTMS specifications modelization and validation.

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