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RFI chooses ERTMS Solutions’ Profibus library

RFI decided to trust again ERTMS Solutions’ expertise in ERTMS protocol software libraries, to integrate our FFFIScom Profibus library inside their ETCS track test bench and simulator. Last year, ERTMS Solutions provided RFI with ERTMS pre-test and test solutions  for their internal development and testing activities (read the article). The Italian railways network is equipped with…

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Park Signalling chooses ERTMS Solutions’ Euroradio library

Park Signalling is developing their ETCS capabilities and has decided to trust ERTMS Solutions’ expertise in ERTMS protocol software libraries. Thanks to the FFFISCom/Euroradio library, Park Signalling will be able to implement a real radio interface between the ETCS trackside and ETCS onboards using a fully Subset-037-compliant protocol stack. FFFISCom/Euroradio library includes: – Complete library…

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Joseph Bours becomes CEO of ERTMS Solutions

We are happy to announce the nomination of Joseph Bours as CEO of ERTMS Solutions effective immediately. Joseph previously held the position of Chief Operations Officer and Sales Director since June 2019. “Joseph combines results-driven practical leadership with support for innovation and long-range strategic vision. Joseph is passionate about management, people coaching, and has a…

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