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ERTMSFormalSpecs compliant with Subset-026 MR2

26 April 2017

We are delighted to announce that we have updated the ERTMSFormalSpecs model to be compliant with Subset-026 version 3.6.0 (Baseline 3 MR2). By also keeping the complete model for Baseline 3 MR1, our tool can now propose its complete formal representation of the specifications for the two latest versions of the ERTMS/ETCS Onboard specifications.

Both versions of the model are designed to be

  1. Understandable by signaling experts
  2. Easy to animate in what-if scenarios.

The development of this new version was traceability-driven (read our previous article EFS covers 100% of Specifications). We identified the differences in the specifications between 3.4.0 and 3.6.0, and our development team used the traceability links in ERTMSFormalSpecs to go from changes in the specification, to the particular parts of the model that needed to be updated. As the traceability in ERTMSFormalSpecs can be followed in both directions (requirements to model and model elements to specification), they now serve as documentation for the model.

This latest version has brought about many changes to the specification. Outside of more cosmetic changes such as the way references to other sections are made, Subset-026 version 3.6.0 brings about changes to the EVC’s behavior. Some notable changes are the Speed and Distance Monitoring function has been simplified, the specified interface with the DMI has been expanded, there is a new version of messages transmitted from and to the trackside…

With this milestone achieved, we will continue work on testing our model (both versions) with Subset-076, and we are looking forward to running the tests from Baseline 3 MR2 of Subset-076 to perfect our implementation of these new requirements.


ERTMSFormalSpecs is a software tool, specifically designed by ERTMS Solutions to formally model and test ERTMS requirements, both for trainborne and trackside systems. The tool includes a railway signaling domain specific software language, a tool chain and a test environment.

Know more about ERTMSFormalSpecs on our website or contact us at

Part of our costs on this activity are covered by a 50% grant from INEA under the Connecting Europe Facility

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