KORAIL and NBPlus chose ERTMSCamCorder for a key ERTMS project in South Korea
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KORAIL and NBPlus chose ERTMSCamCorder for a key ERTMS project in South Korea

11 August 2016

The nKorail_NBPlus mix logosational R&D Project, “Practical use of LTE-R (LTE system for Railway) based wireless communication train control system for conventional & high speed railway (called as KRTCS)” is being developed not only to be applying European Train Control System Level 2 technologies over LTE-R instead of GSM-R in Europe, but also optimized by the  regional characteristics of Korea.

NBPLUS Inc., as the Research partner of National R&D sub-project, “Development Performance Evaluation of Korea Radio-based Train Control System” carried by KORAIL, chose the ERTMS CamCorder from ERTMS Solutions to verify the performance on the developed system on site.

NBPLUS is responsible for Train control system engineering Technologies and performance test, dealing with CTC-RBC interface national standardization, constructing CTC TEST facilities, renovating & restoring train control system on test vehicles.

Hocheol Choo, R&D Center Director at NBPlus: “When we started the analysis of ETCS level 2 message between EVC & RBC, we encountered issues during the testing. The ERTMSCamCorder was the only tool on the market enabling to compare the results and discover the origins of troubles (RBC or EVC)”.

Stanislas Pinte, Managing Director at ERTMS Solutions: “We are extremely happy to have signed this first contract with NBPlus. Korea is a very important country in the development of our activities: our existing solutions – and also our products currently in development – will surely bring value to them in their ERTMS deployments”.

The ERTMSCamCorder is the only onsite testing tool enabling full and synchronized record, replay, and report of all trackside and onboard data needed during the Test & Commissioning phase.

Find more information about ERTMSCamCorder.

Find more information about Korail on their website.

NBPlus established in August 2009 named Seok-kyo Electric Power Corporation. Company name changed to NBPlus corp. in November 2015. Business areas are Electric & Communication installation, CTC Establishment, Railway signal Installation, Photovoltaic Installation, ICT product (Wireless Access Point, IOT gateway, communication system software, etc)

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