MESEA acquires two BaliseLifeCheck and two TrackCircuitLifeCheck
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MESEA acquires two BaliseLifeCheck and two TrackCircuitLifeCheck

20 June 2017

To perform the maintenance of all the TVM TrackCircuits and Eurobalises Balises of the SEA LGV line (France), MESEA has equipped itself with a full preventive maintenance set of measurement instruments: two TrackCircuitLifeCheck and two BaliseLifeCheck.

When associated, and embedded in a BROOM test train, these two labs-on-wheels are providing Mesea with a huge amount of necessary inputs coming from their signaling material.

The Track circuits provides

  • A full diagnose of AC Audio frequency track circuit system like the UM71 used in the French TVM
  • The use of proven-in-use TVM sensors, and TVM loops
  • The analyze and transmission of the TVM signal
  • A software chain that collects and interprets the TrackCircuitLifeCheck results

 The BaliseLifeCheck allows the

  • Geolocalization of the balises and creation of a cartography
  • Detection of possible Big Metal Masses on the track that will affect BTM performances
  • Computation of a signature on measurements
  • Auto-marking on all Eurobalises matching signature
  • Generation of a full report after each test journey

Ready for the ultimate preventive maintenance experience?

Download our technical brochures, and contact us to talk about your project.
MESEA is in charge of the operation and maintenance of the SEA Tours-Bordeaux high-speed line. MESEA is ensuring the safety and performance  of this new 340km line, from the commercial launch in July 2017, till the end of the concession in 2061.


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