Rail-Mil Computers acquires a BaliseLifeCheck for its ERTMS laboratory in Poland
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Rail-Mil Computers acquires a BaliseLifeCheck for its ERTMS laboratory in Poland

24 May 2017

The BaliseLifeCheck is a preventive balises measurement instrument, which equips laboratories, diagnostic trains, or commercial trains, able to produce extremely detailed signal quality information when it passes over a Eurobalise, due to its capability to evaluate it against the ERTMS Subset-036 and Subset-085.

In the context of the ERTMS deployment in Poland, Rail-Mil recently acquired  from ERTMS Solutions the TripleF-Sniffer software application and the FFFIScom/Subset-098 library, with the aim of building a structured developing platform for ERTMS specific purposes.

To enlarge its ERTMS capabilities and expertize, Rail-Mil Computers decided to equip its ERTMS laboratory with a BaliseLifeCheck.

Rail-Mil Computers is the Preferred Partner of ERTMS Solutions for Polish market. Thanks to this acquisition, Rail-Mil Computers will be able to build the first Eurobalises Measurement Center in Poland, enabling its customers to get a real-life demonstration of the BaliseLifeCheck on-site capabilities and to send Eurobalises to Rail-Mil laboratory, for full qualification.

The BaliseLifeCheck testing environment will be presented on Rail-Mil and ERTMS Solutions’ stand at the TRAKO2017 international railway fair, which will take place from September 26 to September 29 in Gdansk, Poland.

To know more about our product, please download the BaliseLifeCheck technical brochure.


Rail-Mil Computers Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. is a Polish company operating mainly in the field of electronics and computer systems. The company focuses on offering complete innovative solutions based on hardware of its own production or purchased from reputable foreign partners. Experience of the company owners based on many years of work in the development and implementation of railway and military projects, naturally directs our activities to these market segments. In addition to its own solutions, Rail-Mil Computers also offers products of such manufacturers as ADLINK and APACER, as well as Red Hat, Windows or OS-9 software.

ERTMS Solutions recently announced the signature of a brokerage agreement with Rail-Mil Computers, in Poland. Read the press release.

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