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SI Consulting to build a new modeling platform

16 February 2018

SI Consulting is building a signalling simulation environment for the Italian railway infrastructure, able to model and simulate the full set of subsystems that are part of a real ERTMS equipped railway.

In this context, the ERTMS system (both trackside and onboard subsystems) will be represented by means of the ERTMSFormalSpecs model, which will be used for training, validation, and stakeholder engagement.

Figure 1: ERTMSFormalSpecs + DMI and Scenario Editor modules

ERTMS Solutions will provide

  • A training programme, the “EFS Bootcamp”, which will include theoretical and innovative practical sessions using interactive simulation tools, intended to illustrate its main features and its capabilities. It will also be a great opportunity for SI Consulting to test EFS interfacing with other tools, like their own signaling/ERTMS Trackside simulator.
  • A DMI and Scenario Editor tool, to enable a functional validation early in the V-Cycle, independently from ETCS suppliers tools. This suite of tool can be used to:

– Validate client specification and design choices before going to market
– Communicate with stakeholders so they understand the implication of specifications and design choices
– Perform a data validation early in the V-cycle for complex geographical areas that represent a delivery risk
– Reinforce the interoperability demonstration by using a supplier independent tool.

  • One year assistance during the development of SI Consulting’s project

SI Consulting is a consulting company operating in the technological field of railway and urban installation.
SI Consulting was created in 2003 in order to develop services for validation of Safety Critical systems and RAM clauses. Born from the Sciro group, SiConsulting was the first independent assessor in Italy.

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