Siemens acquires a testing kit of ERTMS Solutions
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Siemens acquires a testing kit of ERTMS Solutions

22 May 2017

As part of the NExTEO project, Siemens has acquired a testing kit of ERTMS Solutions, to validate the implementation of ERTMS interoperability protocols.

On February 2016, Siemens France was awarded by SNCF a €186m contract to supply NExTEO communications-based train control for the central section of RER Line E in Paris.

To be deployed on the central section of Line E between Rosa Parks and Nanterre-La Folie, NExTEO would enable the peak service frequency to be increased from 16 to 22 trains/h, cutting headways from 180 to 108 seconds and enabling trains to operate at up to 120 km/h. When the extension programme is fully completed in 2022, Line E will have a peak frequency of 28 trains/h, carrying 620 000 pass/h compared to 370 000 at present (source Railway Gazette).

Siemens France chose ERTMS Solutions because they knew ERTMS Solutions’ experience and our proven-in-use testing product line dedicated to STM Manufacturers, such as:

  • Ansaldo Sweden
  • SIEMENS Denmark
  • Ansaldo France and Dimetronic
  • And finally, MorsSmitt Wabtec

ERTMS Solutions shall supply to Siemens France:

  • A software library FFFISProfibus that provides all the functionality needed to use the SLL, STL and Application Layer (Subset-058) protocols in your own applications
  • A Triple Sniffer that decodes the information, and displays the protocols according to ERTMS definitions, which allows users to see whether the messages are compatible with ERTMS specifications

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As a single-source supplier and system integrator, Siemens combines all the expertise necessary for sustainable solutions in all areas of rail transportation. They take a balanced, comprehensive approach to rail-based mobility – from trams, light rail, and metro services to commuter rail lines all the way to regional services. Reliability, safety, attractiveness, and efficiency are our top priorities – a benefit to the operators and the environment. Video of NExTEO project (French)

ERTMS Solutions is a world leader in railways testing, maintenance and systems integration product tools, especially known in the ERTMS world. We are working with many key actors of railway signaling: Manufacturers, Rail Infrastructure Managers, and Operators.

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