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SYSTRA Scott Lister partners up with ERTMS Solutions

12 December 2016

ERTMS Solutions is a world leader in railways testing, maintenance, and systems integration product tools, especially known in the ERTMS world.

SYSTRA Scott Lister is globally recognized for their strength in the field of ERTMS/ETCS. This partnership reinforces these capabilities for the use of state of the art desktop simulators environment.

François Pignard, Rail Systems Integration Manager at SYSTRA Scott Lister: “Thanks to this partnership, SYSTRA Scott Lister is now able to undertake a validation of clients’ requirements and design principles at the earliest stage of the V-cycle, independently from ETCS suppliers. This will minimize rework in the implementation phase, reduce the amount of dynamic train tests, and reduce risks related to supplier’s interoperability.”

Stanislas Pinte, CEO ERTMS Solutions: “With its 100% of model coverage for onboard requirements specified in Subset-026, 027 and 034, ERTMSFormalSpecs is the only tool able to model and reproduce 100% of real EVC-related situations. We are very happy to share this unique expertise with SYSTRA Scott Lister.”

SYSTRA Scott Lister would be pleased to discuss this and your other advanced train control requirements. Please call Francois Pignard on +33 677 261 883 in Europe or Julian Richards on +61 400 349 239 in Australia.

ERTMSFormalSpecs is a software tool, specifically designed to formally model ERTMS requirements, both for trainborne and trackside systems. The tool includes: a railway signaling domain specific software language, a tool chain and a test environment, capable of simulating an ETCS onboard unit on the desktop.




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