TestOBU.SIL0: the cost-effective ERTMS pre-test solution
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TestOBU.SIL0: the cost-effective ERTMS pre-test solution

16 May 2019

ERTMS on-site testing is well known to be mandatory, expensive and complex. TestOBU.SIL0 offers a game-changing solution that delivers a cost-effective ERTMS pre-test solution which also ensures ERTMS lines validation.

In the framework of its HPGVSE (High Performance High Speed) and HPMV (High Performance Conventional Line) projects, SNCF RESEAU chose the TestObu.SIL0 as testing tool for the ETCS2 ​​and GSMR / GPRS ground systems testing platform and dynamic on-site testing campaigns.

The TestOBU.SIL0 has its own DMI, compliant with the applicable ERTMS standards Baseline 3 R2.

In comparison to the SIL4 EVC solution, the TestOBU.SIL0 is cost-effective and can be easily operated.

In addition, TestOBU.SIL0  can be used in partnership with the ERTMSCamCorder to create a full system of testing optimization to ease the burden of testing activity, reducing costs and time while ensuring the highest quality of data.

Key Benefits:

  • Lowers cost of ERTMS testing
  • Can be configured to change applicative behavior, enabling the testing of degraded modes and adaptation to national specificities
  • Allows end-to-end field testing, including application layer
  • Supports multi-TestOBU.SIL0 testing against real RBCs
  • Fits any vehicle
  • Doesn’t require re-homologation
  • Supports step-by-step analysis of Subset-026 application layer

TestOBU.SIL0 includes several components:

  • ERTMSFormalSpecs, a software tool, specifically designed by ERTMS Solutions to formally model ERTMS requirements, both for train-borne and trackside systems.
  • BaliseLifeCheck (if needed or available in the vehicle) the use of which doesn’t require extra homologation. (Optional)
  • EDORProbe, from ERTMS Solutions’ partner, Expandium, a solution derived from Expandium’s Unattended Probe Solution. (Optional)

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