TrackCircuitLifeCheck: an automated and effective maintenance strategy
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TrackCircuitLifeCheck: an automated and effective maintenance strategy

12 April 2018

Every operational year, thousands of track circuits failures are reported from the main railway infrastructure managers in Europe and worldwide, resulting in high delays and heavy economical impacts. With the purpose of minimizing economic loss and operational delay, as well as offering to railway infrastructure managers a tool able to implement an automated and effective maintenance strategy, ERTMS Solutions designed the TrackCircuitLifeCheck (TLC).

The TrackCircuitLifeCheck is a track circuit measurement instrument to be installed on diagnostic (or commercial) trains, performing an automatic diagnose of AC and DC track circuits and ensuring the possibility to implement a preventive maintenance strategy, based on multi-data of the same track circuit in time and deviation analysis.


  • Compatibility with all TVM Track Circuits equipments (430, and 300)
  • Measure shunted track circuits currents |Icc|
  • Measure transversal impedances
  • Measure EPI loops (TVM-300)
  • BSP loops measurement (TVM-430)
  • Odometry module (Wheel Sensor/Doppler Radar, GPS-IMU)
  • Control and data analysis (Software)
  • Alarms for corrective maintenance

Watch the TrackCircuitLifeCheck video that clearly illustrates its technical capacities. This video has been recorded at Eurotunnel* with our client André Fontaine, Railway Signaling Specialist. The system enables to inspect track circuits and BSP-inductive loops without interrupting traffic by working between trains. They were able to initiate a corrective action plan for the track circuits after the first inspections. “The Track Circuit Life Check system enables us to carry out preventive maintenance on our equipment in line with the manufacturer’s maintenance standards.”

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*Eurotunnel is a rail tunnel linking Folkstone, in the United Kingdom, with Calais in northern France, beneath the English Channel at the Strait of Dover.


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