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Facilitate track circuits maintenance

The TrackCircuitLifeCheck is a versatile measurement instrument that facilitates track circuit maintenance and is usable on both diagnostic and commercial trains. Implementation of the TrackCircuitLifeCheck allows extensive assessment of AC Audio frequency track systems such as the UM71 used in the French TVM.

Similar to the BaliseLifeCheck, it is in many ways a lab on wheels that can be embedded in test vehicles allowing the maintenance of AC Circuits trackside systems to become both automated and predictive.

The TrackCircuitLifeCheck, designed and manufactured entirely at ERTMS Solutions, guarantees complete independence from track circuit manufacturers by providing a free-standing tool to test and measure TVM track circuits. In addition, this tool enables exponential growth as the modular approach allows for future expansions without hindrance.


  • Compatibility with all TVM Track Circuits equipments (430, and 300)
  • Measure shunted track circuits currents |Icc|
  • Measure transversal impedances
  • Measure EPI loops (TVM-300)
  • BSP loops measurement (TVM-430)
  • Odometry module (Wheel Sensor/Doppler Radar, GPS-IMU)
  • Control and data analysis (Software)
  • Alarms for corrective maintenance

Looking for more information on how you can make the most of the TrackCircuitLifeCheck? Enjoy our comprehensive Slideshare presentation.

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The TrackCircuitLifeCheck is a track circuit measurement instrument that can be installed on track inspection or commercial trains to automatically diagnose AC and pulsed track circuits, thus enabling a preventive maintenance strategy, based on the analysis of multi-pass data from each track circuit over time, and the application of standard deviation analysis.

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