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Marrying business needs and IT in the railway industry can be a highly complex and costly process. ERTMS Solutions offers an option that allows for the seamless pairing of these intentions in a way that is both cost-effective and agile: The Ontology.


By capturing the precise intentions of the business, the ontology is able to deliver crystal-clear data to both business and IT stakeholders, allowing the company to move, grow and develop with strength and speed.

Ontologies allow for huge savings in time, and financial cost as specifications of any project can be thoroughly tested and analyzed at the earliest stage of the development process when the cost of change is small.

Once validated, the pre-tested specifications can immediately follow into IT implementation. This process seamlessly breaks down the barriers between siloed data to create a unified domain of knowledge.

The executable software generated by the ODASETM platform is fed by information previously housed in multiple silos to create a system able to handle any type of automation. With the use of ontologies, your system is not only more efficient, but it is also able to be future-proofed to move and grow at the best rate possible.


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During our last venture with the University of Birmingham, we took the time to interview John Easton, a Lecturer at the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education. Check out the video below to hear him discuss the role of ontologies and the essential key to their success.

Read the full interview here

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