The fast track to ERTMS

The fast track to ERTMS

ERTMSFormalSpecs – Open Source
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ERTMSFormalSpecs – Open Source

Online Straßenbahn Zug suchenERTMSFormalSpecs is a software tool specifically designed by ERTMS Solutions to formally model ERTMS requirements, both for trainborne and trackside systems.



ERTMSFormalSpecs includes 100% of Subset-026 ERTMS Business Logic, allowing you to:

  • Test your EVC
  • Test and validate Subset-026 change requests
  • Perform early-stage development and validation of operational test cases

Our objective with ERTMSFormalSpecs is to model 100% of ERTMS Business Logic: Process and project management, Requirements analysis, Traceability, Domain Specific Language (DSL), Diagrams, Tests and Visualization.

  • Display the model state, according to DMI specification
  • Ease the creation of specific scenarios with the ERTMSFormalSpecs Scenario editor
  • Static analysis and reproduction using the Scenario Editor

dmi scenario-editor-bis efs_se_dmi

To know more about ERTMSFormalSpecs, feel free to read our articles and customers’ success stories or to contact us at

Customers’ references

  • Thales Transportation Systems GmbH uses ERTMSFormalSpecs in the framework of its Braking Curves Comparison project (reference)
  • Thales adopts open-source ERTMS testing tool – Railway Gazette Article
  • ERTMS Solutions and Transurb innovate the ERTMS Training (reference)
  • ERTMS User Group adopts formal specifications tool – Railway Gazette Article
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