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Onboard Monitoring Box

The Onboard Monitoring Box (OMB) is a passive acquisition and monitoring device, developed by ERTMS Solutions. The non-disruptive approach works by collecting real-time messages that are exchanged between various ERTMS OBU sub-systems (such as the EVC, JRU, and STMs) and transfers this information to a configurable application software.



  • GSM/GSM-R modem
  • Embedded GPS
  • Upload JRU data to central server for train monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring of EVC-JRU links
  • Wi-fi for: data upload in depots, software updates, flexible firmware


  • Quick detection and analysis of potential disturbances on ETCS infrastructure
  • Fewer impacts on traffic during the failure of a balise or an LEU
  • Daily updates on ETC infrastructure status
  • Higher grade of automatic infrastructure control
  • Improved punctuality


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