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Subset-74 Automation Package
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Subset-74 Automation Package

The Subset-74 Automation Package contains all you need to start testing your STM or your EVC from day one. Just plug our FFFIS simulator on the PROFIBUS with the device under test and run any of the 123 pre-configured Subset-74 test cases.


      • Full Subset-74 coverage: no coding, no integration
      • Full PROFIBUS/FFFIS traffic traceability
      • Automatic test outcome computation
        o  Pre-conditions
        o  Strict Test Steps checking
        – Support for optional steps
        – Support for connection-dependent steps
        o  Post-conditions
      • Detailed report generation (Take a look at a sample report for Test Case
      • Download the Subset-074 Validation White Paper
      • Take a look at some Subset74 database screenshots

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