Subset-74 Automation Package
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Subset-74 Automation Package

The Subset-74 Automation Package contains everything you need to complete high-quality testing on your STM or EVC from day one. With a simple set-up, just plug our FFFIS simulator on the PROFIBUS with the device under test and run any of the 123 pre-configured Subset-74 test cases.

Using our TripleFSniffer PROFIBUS/STM recording and decoding software, you can record a unique file for each test case. Within this file, you will have the full PROFIBUS traffic exchange between our FFFIS simulator and the device under test. The Automation Package not only enables you to review the exchanged messages after the test and immediately find the cause of test failures, it can also serve as evidence that your equipment fulfills the Subset-74 test conditions.

The Subset-74 Automation Package has a database containing all the test case descriptions, extracted from the Subset-74 Chapters. This enables it to use the recorded PROFIBUS traffic files to check if a test case has exchanged the right applicative messages with the correct variable values. After each test case is run, the Automation Package can instantaneously generate a test report containing the outcome which eliminates any need to manually check the recorded traffic.

The high level of detail delivered by the generated report provides you with all the necessary information to communicate your test results to other parties and demonstrates that all expected Subset-74 messages were recorded during the test runs.

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