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OCVIA Maintenance does predicitive maintenance with the BaliseLifeCheck

In the framework of the CNM project in South of France (Contournement Nîmes-Montpellier), Oc’via Maintenance chose the BaliseLifeCheck to maintain Eurobalises and KVB balises that equip this 80kms’ new line.

CAF Signalling tells us about ERTMS Solutions protocol and testing software

ERTMS Solutions’ Euroradio Library and STM Profibus Library have been integrated in CAF Signalling products for the Euroradio communications of the ERTMS system onboard and also for communication with an external STM.

CFL chose the BaliseLifeCheck

The BaliseLifeCheck has been be set up on Robel maintenance vehicles, in a water-proof enclosure, transferrable from one vehicle to the other and integrated with Expandium’s QATS Drive Test’s solution. The Expandium’s QATS Drive Test enables to measure the quality of the GSM-R network providing all necessary KPIs.

Eurotunnel tells us about the TrackCircuitLifeCheck

We have been working with Eurotunnel since 2015. Together, we are developing a unique tool to maintain track circuits, the TrackCircuitLifeCheck.

SNCF tells us about the BaliseLifeCheck

ERTMS Solutions has developed a tool, the BaliseLifeCheck, which automates balise maintenance. SNCF has been using this tool since 2015 for Eurobalise and KVB balise maintenance in France, watch the video to hear their success story.

Thameslink-Network Rail Tells Us About Their Experience Using the ERTMSCamCorder as Their On-site Testing Solution

Network Rail, in the context of their Thameslink Programme, have awarded ERTMS Solutions the opportunity to supply them with our integrated onsite testing solution: the ERTMSCamCorder.

John Easton explains the Essential Role of the Odase Platform

John Easton from Birmingham University explains the role of the Odase platform used for ERTMS Ontologies and why it consistently delivers successful results.

SYSTRA Scott Lister partners up with ERTMS Solutions

“Thanks to this partnership, SYSTRA Scott Lister is now able to undertake a validation of clients’ requirements and design principles at the earliest stage of the V-cycle, independently from ETCS suppliers…”

ERTMS Solutions and Expandium celebrate 10 years of a successful partnership, and prepare the future

Over a decade ago a collaboration was established to combat the biggest challenge with ERTMS implementation: the difficulty for signaling and telecom departments to work together. With a decade of successful partnership already behind us, it is time to look towards the next 10 years.

KORAIL and NBPlus chose ERTMSCamCorder for a key ERTMS project in South Korea

When we started the analysis of ETCS level 2 message between EVC & RBC, we encountered issues during the testing. The ERTMSCamCorder was the only tool on the market enabling to compare the results and discover the origins of troubles (RBC or EVC)”.

“My experience with ERTMS Solutions” by Mitch Taranto, Infrabel

“When I first met ERTMS Solutions, I had very specific requirements for ERTMS testing and maintenance, and ERTMS Solutions was the only company able to provide me with a relevant solution, within our quality, budgets and timing criteria.”

Deutsche Bahn Netz AG uses ERTMSCamCorder on all its T&C projects

“Initially, the main reason for the use of ERTMSCamCorder was that it could potentially reduce the time to perform tests. Experience has shown that the applications are much broader and diverse, especially during the replay, sometimes needed after a test journey. It was a great support.”

ERTMS Solutions and Transurb innovate the ERTMS Training

“The ERTMSFormalSpecs enables to show with videos what the behavior of a train should be in real conditions; it is already used by the ERTMS Users Group for specifications maintenance and by Thales as a tool to verify the braking curves. It was pinpointed as the best tool to be used for our training programme.”

Banedanmark about ERTMSFormalSpecs and the ERTMS Academy

“ERTMS Solutions has been very keen to adapt to the actual need of the railways and to be able to make changes to the ERTMSFormalSpecs tool according to suggested improvements. ERTMSFormalSpecs is a good tool to understand the impact of changes to the ETCS specifications.”

Hitachi Rail Europe

“ERTMS onsite testing is a very rigorous process, taking much more time than one would expect. The ERTMSCamCorder, which is one of the core solutions provided by ERTMS Solutions, optimises these activities, and has no equivalent in today’s tools market.”

Belgorail selects ERTMS Solutions’ ERTMSCamCorder to improve onsite testing

“Any time there is an ETCS onboard test: we record the DMI and the infrastructure, and we analyze it to output findings. So for each ETCS test, the use of ERTMSCamCorder is mandatory.”

Infrabel tells us about the ERTMSCamCorder - Part 1

“We use the ERTMSCamCorder as to automate and accelerate the tests results, which we perform before the entry into service of a line equipped in ETCS level 1 or 2. It’s very nice working with ERTMS Solutions because of the feedback on their products. ERTMS Solutions’ products are of very good quality; they are reliable.”

Infrabel tells us about the ERTMSCamCorder - Part2

“Over the last years, where we have used the ERTMSCamCorder (EPAT), we have never reported any defect. Thus my feedback is that I’m entirely satisfied of the ERTMS Solutions products.”

Alstom Transports chooses ERTMS Solutions FFFIS EuroRadio Library for its COMET project

“The main challenge for Alstom was to cut to the minimum the development, testing and maintenance costs of this board. For that purpose, integrating a COTS software library, already proven in the field, is a key asset.”

Siemens Signalling Belgium chooses the ERTMSCamCorder for faster and cheaper onsite testing.

“We have been working in very close relationship with our customer INFRABEL in Belgium since the beginning of the ERTMS Corridor C project. We exchange best practices with our customers, and using theERTMSCamCorder for onsite testing is an excellent example of this.”

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